Alert Beacon

by Alertus

The Alert Beacon serves as an in-building emergency notification system for campuses, military bases, and other large facilities. This practical, attention-grabbing, and affordable device can be used in place of a conventional public address system.

  • Reliable: Immediate response that is not dependent on congested cell phone towers or the internet. Can be connected to the Alertus Server via ethernet, WiFi, or FM Radio.

  • Affordable: A fraction of the cost of a conventional voice PA system with no recurring fees.

  • ADA Compliant: Notifies building occupants with both visible and audible alerts to accommodate people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or blind.

  • Zoneable: Notifications can be sent to all or select Alert Beacons across facilities depending on whether the emergency event is isolated.

  • Sustainable: Consumes less than 5 watts of energy, which is about 1/6 of the energy used by a fluorescent light.