Co-op Collections

by Arcadia

The Co-op Collection is perfect for individual, semi-private or group collaboration sessions virtually anywhere in the school. Create smaller learning spaces without the added cost or effort of building construction. With multiple design options to choose from, including a canopy that instantly creates a private learning space, it offers the ideal location for social distancing or focused work.

  • Stand-alone, wall-mounted and single units available
  • Public models are 43-1/2” tall; Private models are 56-3/4” tall; and Private with Canopy models are 88-1/2″ tall
  • Canopy option available with or without overhead cut-out detail
  • Optional accessories include cantilever tables, shelf storage, storage cubbies, power outlets, USB ports, and overhead LED light fixture
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified
Co-op Collection