Individual learner, teacher, and administrator devices

Learning Made Engaging Agile Safe Interactive Integrated

ELB provides innovative solutions to create engaging, agile, safe, interactive, and integrated learning environments

With our quality personal technology devices, flexible furniture, collaborative touch technology, campus monitoring and safety solutions, and integrated AV solutions, we make collaborative learning spaces E.A.S.I.I.

Modern, Flexible Learning Spaces



Today’s students are technology savvy. Today’s curriculum and learning resources are digital.

With a new generation of digitally literate teachers and students, the need for education technology tools that enhance both teaching and learning has never been greater. Ensuring equitable access is key.  

ELB’s wide range of individual learner, teacher, and administrator devices can make any learning space technology-rich. This includes personal computers, conferencing devices, and STEM solutions. Let us guide you on an exciting journey of digital transformation today!

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