Learning Space: FOCUS and ENGAGE

“The FOCUS and ENGAGE space is where concepts are presented and community is built. In my classroom, this space was used for teachers and students alike to learn, discuss, and build a common understanding through shared exploration and respectful discourse. The space allowed me to design collaborative activities and use structured prompts to develop both academic and social-emotional skills”.

– Madison Visto, Educator, Chicago IL


Key Pedagogies:

  1. Integrated Learning: Brings together more than one content area allowing students to make cross curricular connections.
  2. Differentiated Learning: Teachers can use differentiated instruction by applying multiple accommodations.
  3. Peer Teaching: Students have the opportunity to share and present their thoughts during the “meeting” portion of the day; this area is ideal for students to be able to guide conversations based on their ideas or beliefs.
  4. Open-Ended Instruction: Students are not “steered” in the direction of one answer, but rather have the opportunity to develop their answers based on experiences and ideas.


Sample Learning Activities:

  1. Teachers place a book under the Lumens camera and project the text onto the Prowise panel so that students can practice reading along.
  2. Teachers invite students to the Prowise panel to record and graph daily temperature and weather readings on a digital calendar as a morning exercise.
  3. Teacher creates a shared patterning activity using Prowise shapes. Students work together to complete the activity thus building confidence, communication and cognitive skills.
  4. Teacher places Prowise panel in the table position and allows a group of students to collaborate on one of the many table activities or games in Presenter.
Suggested Technology and Furniture Solutions: