Learning Space: INTERACT and IDEATE

“This is a multipurpose space that uses technology to increase interactivity and student participation in traditional seated learning scenarios. The INTERACT and IDEATE space can be quickly and easily reconfigured to accommodate whole class, individual or cooperative small group activities thus providing teachers with a high degree of flexibility while maximizing student choice”.

– Christina Tehrani, Educator, Long Beach, CA


Key Pedagogies:

  1. Student Centered Learning: Students are encouraged to use interactive technologies to enhance learning and discovery.
  2. Collaboration and Cooperative Learning: Students work in small groups to complete tasks, share knowledge and build critical thinking skills.
  3. Independent Practice: Students research, discover and showcase their learning on personal, student devices.
  4. Kinesthetic Learning: Students interact with virtual objects, words, and images to build knowledge and understanding.


Sample Learning Activities:

  1. Teacher facilitates small group activity where students move images in Prowise Presenter to visualize learning. Students create equations based on their findings using ProConnect to share their screens.
  2. Teacher does a pre-reading activity using ProConnect mind map to brainstorm creative story writing assignments. Students review topic sentences and supporting details using hide and reveal tool.
  3. Using infinite duplication in table mode, students sort and classify animals into different animal groups. Students use Mind map to classify different types of “predators”.
  4. Teacher shares image from beginning of ELA story. Students create predictions using ProConnect for sharing screen and word cloud. Students read story on their devices in small groups.
  5. What is a synonym? Teacher shows example, students work in groups to interact with word bank and move words on the Panel into sentences and use context clues to match definitions. Students use Pro Connect to come up with more synonym groups.
  6. Students can enjoy small group brainstorming, ideation, or mind map activities on their All-in-one PC or Chromebooks.
Suggested Technology and Furniture Solutions: