Learning Space: INVESTIGATE and CREATE

“This is a highly transformative and flexible space where students gather to create, invent, build, and explore. The prevailing pedagogy here is one which pushes students to ask questions and to seek answers through respectful discussion and careful exploration. The INVESTIGATE and CREATE space allows me to leverage social connections to help develop knowledge and to employ a constructivist approach that makes learning more authentic for my students”.

– Bari Gersten, Educator, Rumson NJ


Key Pedagogies:

  1. Making: Learning is enhanced by producing tangible objects in authentic, real life learning opportunities that allow for a guided, collaborative process which incorporates peer feedback.
  2. Sharing: Students make sense of their experience and learning is promoted when designing and sharing occur within collaborative spaces.
  3. Design Thinking: Giving students a real life problem to solve enhances the quality of the learning.
  4. Constructivism: Through hands-on, physical exploration, students actively construct knowledge rather than passively acquiring it.


Sample Learning Activities:

  1. Students can configure the soft seating for a group learning activity, presentation or discussion around the Prowise panel.
  2. Students investigate the basic principles of coding by using the Prowise CodeWise cards to program a virtual character in the CodeWise app.
  3. Students use a robotics kits to build robots and then program the robots to complete specific tasks using their Prowise Chromebooks.
  4. Students are given a practical problem faced by people with physical disabilities. Using virtual manipulatives and/or the robotics kit, they then build a simple machine in order to help to improve the person’s quality of life.
Suggested Technology and Furniture Solutions: