“The PRESENT and COMMUNICATE space is where I can gather my students for direct instruction or where I can record instructional content to post online as part of a flipped classroom model. It can also be used to facilitate a learner centered model in which individual students or small groups of students practice their interactive presentation skills and seek constructive feedback from their peers using the concepts of accountable talk.”

– Kate Finn, Educator, Sarasota FL


Key Pedagogies:

  1. Flipped Classroom: Students access the teacher’s lesson at home and learn through discovery.
  2. Collaborative Learning: Students work together as they collaborate and provide feedback using accountable talk to support their ideas and feedback respectfully.
  3. Whole Group Instruction: Teacher provides direct instruction while using formative assessment to check for understanding.
  4. Individual Presentation: Students have the opportunity to present to their peers what has been learned in an effort to demonstrate mastery.


Sample Learning Activities:

  1. Applying the principles of a flipped classroom, the teacher uses MeetSmart and/or Juno to capture a short lesson that is then posted online. Students watch instructional content at home and come to class prepared to discuss their understanding and/or apply their newly acquired knowledge in order to solve real world problems.
  2. Teachers use Prowise Presenter software for direct instruction and assess student understanding by creating questions that are delivered via ProConnect. Students answer questions on their mobile devices and send their responses back to their teacher to demonstrate understanding.
  3. Individual students or groups of students prepare interactive presentations using Prowise Presenter to share with their classmates. This helps the student presenters develop their communication skills while the audience works to develop their listening and feedback skills.
Suggested Technology and Furniture Solutions: