HALO Cloud

by IPVideo

Provides a dashboard for multiple HALOs displaying all events, current and historical and empowering staff to provide effective response to many monitoring points.

  • Live View Map
    • Visual sensor readings and alarm conditions on an interactive map providing faster resource allocation and a shorter training curve.
  • Health
    • Monitor HALO’s connection status reducing downtime and lowering risk.
  • Analytics 
    • View multiple graphed sensor readings and events over time periods gaining insight into Security Threats and Air Quality trends. Improve resource efficiency.
  • Reports
    • Generate historical text and graphical data log reports to create tangible documentation that identify security and air quality trends.
  • Logging 
    • Log sensor readings automatically with capacity of 1 year of historical data. Satisfying compliance: FDA, CDC, local health department, board or customer requirements.
  • Maintenance
    • Configuration & Firmware Update Automation and Management. Increased HALO management and setup efficiency.
  • Secured Platform
    • No back door to AWS.