Individual Workstations

Hierarchy™ Grow Stool

by MooreCo

The Hierarchy Grow Stool has core strengthening wobble action and swiveling capabilities which encourages small movements by students. As an active learning solution, it promotes improved upright posture and increased focus on learning, allowing you to engage all learners while remaining socially distant.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Short stool: height adjustable from 14″ to 18″
  • Tall stool: height adjustable from 17″ to 24″
  • 8 colors to choose from
Hierarchy™ Grow Stool

Hierarchy™ Flipz Stools

by MooreCo

Hierarchy Flipz Stools have a unique, modern, and ergonomic design that fits right into today’s classroom. Allowing kids to be active even while sitting, the double ended stool can be used either as a stationary seat or as a rocking stool, offering gentle movement in all directions. Meet the needs of active learners while maintaining social distancing requirements with these innovative seating solutions.

  • Rocking or stationary seating
  • Light-weight design for movement by any student
  • Slip resistant rubber to keep the stool stable
  • Stools stack for easy and compact storage

Hierarchy™ Stool

by MooreCo

The Hierarchy Stool collection was designed with flexibility, mobility and social distancing in mind. Brighten up your classroom with these ergonomic seating solutions. All models include built-in lumbar support and a reinforced backing, allowing for flexible movement without the sharp edges. Move them around as needed to ensure proper social distancing. Available with or without arms, and upholstered seats, this collection is perfect for stimulating focus and motivation in any learning environment.

Hierarchy 4-Leg Stool

  • Available in two seat heights: 24″ & 30″
  • Heavy gauge chrome or platinum steel base
  • Includes nylon swivel glides

Hierarchy 5-Star Stool

  • Seat adjusts pneumatically in height from 23″ to 33″
  • Base is made with steel and black plastic featuring 2″ casters
  • Available in hard or soft versions
Hierarchy Chairs and Stools

Crescent Pod Series

by Alumni

The Alumni Pod Series offers teachers the opportunity to create an imaginative learning experience. The Crescent Pod can be uniquely configured with the Cylinder and Crescent Pods. Fabric choices can be selected from Spradling Silvertex, Zander, Scribe, or Interlace.

The Crescent Pod has a diameter of 14″ and 18″ height.


by Alumni

The Alumni Pod Series offers teachers the opportunity to create an imaginative learning experience.  The Pente Pod can be configured in a group of up to 5. Fabric choices can be selected fromSpradling Silvertex, Zander, Scribe, or Interlace.

The Pente Pod has a width of 36″ and 18″ height.

Armless Series

by Alumni

The Alumni Armless Series allows professionals the freedom to create a fully tailor-made environment. This soft seating can accent any environment: contemporary or traditional, bright or subtle. Our offered shapes and configurations will turn you space into a stylish and effective work area, including fabric choices from Momentum or Spadling Silvertex.

The Armless Series: Armless Line consists of the following pieces:

  • Armless Chair (22″)
  • Armless Sofa (67″)
  • Square (31″)

Stellar Collection

by ELB

Add an element of style and sophistication to any learning space with ELB’s Stellar Stool Collection. Designed for schools, with flexibility, durability, and functionality in mind, Stargazer and Cometa stools offer superior comfort and multiple customization options to leave your spaces looking modern and engaging. Perfect for any budget, place them wherever your students or teachers gather and watch the excitement skyrocket!

• Modern design with practical teaching and learning applications
• Available with a wood or chrome base, in two sizes each
• Stackable for space-saving convenience
• Lightweight for ease of movement
• Strong foam core ensures years of comfort and use
• Wood base features radiused edges for smooth surface contact
• Offered in a variety of upholstery options
• 10-year product warranty

stellar collection stools

Creator Soft Seating

by MooreCo

Creator lounge seating creates a multitude of spaces for establishing privacy, collaboration or relaxation.

Coordinating pieces configure as circular or straight arrangements. Available in six complementary shapes with fun wavy edges: Chevron, Half Round, Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid, and Triangle.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Twelve year limited warrant on seating and five years for table versions
  • Prop 65 and CAL 117-2013 compliant. 400 lb. capacity
  • Electrical options available at an upcharge

Blossom Soft Seating

by MooreCo

Blossom seating creates a multitude of spaces for a fun and vibrant addition to any learning space. Top stitched sewing details in upholstery. Textiles available through graded-in fabric program, or COM by approval. Glides, aluminum legs, or caster feet are available.

  • Custom Manufactured in the USA
  • Twelve year limited warranty on seating and five years for table versions
  • Electrical options available for table versions at an upcharge
  • Prop 65 and CAL 117-2013 compliant. 400 lb. capacity

DOT 5-Pack Soft Seating

by MooreCo

The Dot 5-Pack Soft Seating is a fun, versatile, and modern addition to any library or active learning environment. East set includes five identical Dots in the your preference of six exciting fabrics.

Each Dots comes with a non-skid rocking base in clack. Rocking base provides side-to-side or front-to-back motion suitable for constant micro-movement critical for “fidget to focus.”