Intima Modulars

by Arcadia

The Intima Modular sets the tone for multi-functional learning spaces. Perfect for multi-purpose rooms, libraries or next-gen classrooms, it embodies contemporary sophistication. Collaborate in comfort as this collection accommodates it all. The privacy walls provide protective barriers and inspire socially distanced productivity.

  • Public (low back) and private (high back) modular collections comprised of quarter-round wedge, 45-degree corner, and three sizes of straight units
  • Public units stand 31-1/2″ tall, or 41-1/2″ with headrest. Private units stand 41-1/2″ tall, or 51-1/2″ with headrest
  • Accessorize with a shelf, rotating tablet or power outlets
  • Accompanying lounge collection, pull-up table and bar stool available