Lunchrooms and Cafeterias

ToGo Booth Set

by National Public Seating

The ToGo Booth Set is perfect for multi-purpose spaces that are used for cafeteria space. These mobile and multi-functional tables are built with 14 gauge steel, 2″ tube legs, and double ball bearing non-marring 3″ casters. This provides the ultimate strength and mobility to easily reconfigure for multi-purpose usage.

  • Dimensions 74″ x 48″

MTO Series With Stools

by National Public Seating

This mobile stool unit by NPS is the perfect solutions when more personal space per table is needed and staff wants to save time by not having to collect and stack chairs. Built on a solid 14- gauge steel frame, tabletops are protected with a high-pressure laminate top allowing them to be power washed.

  • Trip free design
  • Easy accessible latch release on both sides
  • Stool seating available in multiple colors
  • UL tested for a 300lb. weight capacity for table tops and per stool
  • 15 year warranty

MTS Series Rectangle Mobile Table with Stools

by National Public Seating

When more personal space is needed, this seating solution is a great option. Built on a solid 14-gauge steel frame, table tops offer high-pressure laminate and a phenolic backer sheet., making them power washable.

  • Trip free design
  • Easily accessible latch release on both sides
  • Stool seating available in multiple colors
  • UL tested for a 300 ln. weight capacity for table tops and per stool
  • 15 year warranty

MSTS Series Swerve Mobile Table with Stools

by National Public Seating

If you’re looking for a fun lunchroom table design look no further. The Swerve Mobile table brings pops of colors and fun wave design. Also built on a solid 14-gauge steel frame and protected with high-pressure laminate.

  • Trip free design
  • “EasyLift” torison Bay System one person can easily lift and fold table
  • Anti-bacterial: ProtectEdge prevents food from being trapped between laminate and edge
  • Tabletops and stools available in multiple colors for any color scheme
  • 15 year warranty

Flirt® Meeting Tables

by Arcadia

No matter if you’re dining alone or meeting with colleagues, Flirt changes and adapts to needs at any given moment. Offering muli-purpose, reconfigurable design the Flirt enables the maximization of different settings.

  • Available in round and arc square top shapes available in walnut, maple, and white oak veneer as well as laminate.
  • Available in custom heights between 26″ – 42″
  • Base design facilitates wire management for through-the-surface electrical and/or data capability

Avelina Meeting Tables

by Arcadia

The Avelina Meeting Table offer a combination of style and flexibility for today’s evolving eating spaces. Concealed wire management, tech-friendly options and adjustable glides are among it’s top strengths. Available in multiple sizes and finish selections this table can be used for casual dining spaces, cafeterias, collaborative areas and much more.

  • Available in 29″ and 42″ table heights, various lengths
  • Depth options include: 20″, 30″, 36″ and 42″
  • Offered in maple, walnut, and white oak veneer as well as laminate, Corian and Formica Colorcore finish options
  • Select technology options for top surface and/or side-mount placement available on all sizes

Co-op Collection

by Arcadia

The Co-op Collection brings a colorful and modern look to any eating space. This option is great for single-diners or colleagues to enjoy a bite to eat together. Create more privacy without the added cost or effort of building construction.

  • Stand-alone, wall-mounted and single units available
  • Public models are 43-1/2” tall; Private models are 56-3/4” tall; and Private with Canopy models are 88-1/2″ tall
  • Canopy option available with or without overhead cut-out detail
  • Optional accessories include cantilever tables, shelf storage, storage cubbies, power outlets, USB ports, and overhead LED light fixture
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified

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