HDL speakers

Why Nureva Audio

Behind every Nureva audio system is Microphone Mist technology. It leaps past beamforming systems, filling a space with thousands of virtual microphones so you never have to worry about your voice not being picked up.

Advanced Audio
People can be heard anywhere in the room, so it’s easy to stay distanced without compromising on audio quality.
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Simple Setup
Quick DIY installation, no ongoing technician visits and continuous autocalibration keeps things simple.
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Easy to Scale
You’re ready to grow with models for varying spaces, firmware updates and centralised device management.

HDL Series

Getting the right audio for hybrid work can actually be easy.

HDL 200

For small spaces up to
18′ x 18′ |  5.5 x 5.5 m

HDL 300

For mid-size spaces up to
25′ x 25′  |  7.6 x 7.6 m


For large spaces up to
30′ x 50′  |  9.1 x 15.2 m

Microphone Mist Technology

hdl with sound rings
True full room coverage
Nureva’s Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones.
Position-based gain control
Position-based gain control (PBGC) applies gain to the desired sound source and not to ambient noises.
Echo cancellation
Nureva audio systems feature internal acoustic echo cancellation so there’s no need for an external digital signal processor.
Continuous autocalibration
Change your furniture, your meeting style or your levels. Continuous autocalibration means your system is always optimized.
Always improving
Nureva is committed to continuously improving our solutions – regularly adding firmware updates and new features to meet your evolving needs.
Adopts to any room or configuration
Our systems adapt to your space no matter how many times you change it up. No extra people. No extra complications.
Full duplex
Audio data is transmitted in both directions simultaneously for seamless conversations even when voices are overlapping.
Physically distanced, working together
With Nureva audio, go ahead and spread out as far as you need. No matter where you are, you’ll be heard.
Intelligent sound targeting
IST identifies unwanted sounds like HVAC and simply stops targeting them up. It’s kind of amazing. And completely unique.
Active zone control
Define the pickup zone for your presentations so you hear more presenter and less audience. It’s like crowd control for your audio.