Reception Areas, Lobbies, and Open Access Spaces

Co-op Collection

by Arcadia

The Co-op Collection is perfect for individual, semi-private or group collaboration sessions virtually anywhere in the school. Create smaller learning spaces without the added cost or effort of building construction. With multiple design options to choose from, including a canopy that instantly creates a private learning space, it offers the ideal location for social distancing or focused work.

  • Stand-alone, wall-mounted and single units available
  • Public models are 43-1/2” tall; Private models are 56-3/4” tall; and Private with Canopy models are 88-1/2″ tall
  • Canopy option available with or without overhead cut-out detail
  • Optional accessories include cantilever tables, shelf storage, storage cubbies, power outlets, USB ports, and overhead LED light fixture
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified

Avelina Meeting Tables

by Arcadia

The Avelina Meeting Table offer a combination of style and flexibility for today’s evolving workspaces. Concealed wire management, tech-friendly options and adjustable glides are among it’s top strengths. Available in multiple sizes and finish selections this table can be used for casual meeting spaces, co-working stations, collaborative areas and much more.

  • Available in 29″ and 42″ table heights, various lengths
  • Depth options include: 20″, 30″, 36″ and 42″
  • Offered in maple, walnut, and white oak veneer as well as laminate, Corian and Formica Colorcore finish options
  • Select technology options for top surface and/or side-mount placement available on all sizes

Flirt® Meeting Tables

by Arcadia

No matter if your meetings are planned for, impromptu, include many attendees or only a few, or require the sharing of spaces, Flirt changes and adapts to needs at any given moment. Offering muli-purpose, reconfigurable design the Flirt enables the maximization of different settings.

  • Available in round and arc square top shapes available in walnut, maple, and white oak veneer as well as laminate.
  • Available in custom heights between 26″ – 42″
  • Base design facilitates wire management for through-the-surface electrical and/or data capability

ISO Work Lounge

by Arcadia

The ISO Work Lounge is perfect for when you need to break away from your desk. Offering a quiet and contained space to focus or collaborate with a colleague, this sleek cubby offers a great space to nestle. Available as an armless lounge or love seat, multi-seating combinations can be created using shared panels or individual units grouped together. An electrical outlet comes standard with every model. Enhance office productivity while encouraging social distancing with this innovative furniture solution!

Iso Work Lounge white and gray

Sign Guest Chair

by Arcadia

The Sign Guest Chair offer a modern design for many spaces. Rectangular steel cantilever frame complimented with wood or urethane arm caps, and fully upholstered seat and back combine to bring flexibility an support with a solid modern look.

Flirt® Guest Chair

by Arcadia

The Flirt Guest Chair is a multi-functional yet comfortable seating solution for any educational or office setting. Available in a variety of vibrant colors and finishes, this modular piece compliments any area with its modern design. Whether in-use or nested, your room can be easily reconfigured; perfect for creating a socially distant work space.

  • Flip-up seat promotes easy nesting storage
  • Fixed seat swivel base features auto-return
  • SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified

Hush Collection

by Arcadia

The Hush Modular Collection offers the feeling of privacy in a lounge setting. When combined with connecting tables, it becomes a modular oasis to fit any space. Perfect for accommodating social distancing in the workplace, the Hush Modular inspires with its refreshing design.

  • Private high back model measures 45-1/2” high
  • Public low back model configurable with three connecting tables: 12″W, 23″W and quarter round
  • Both options offered individually or in a modular combination with armless, right-end, left-end or carrier lounge units
  • Available finishes: beech veneer, laminate or corian selections
  • Optional accessories: cup-holder and side-mount power/USB units
  • Accompanying lounge seating as well as meeting tables available
hush lounge chair black

Intima Modular

by Arcadia

The Intima Modular sets the tone for multi-functional learning spaces. Perfect for multi-purpose rooms, libraries or next-gen classrooms, it embodies contemporary sophistication. Collaborate in comfort as this collection accommodates it all. The privacy walls provide protective barriers and inspire socially distanced productivity.

  • Public (low back) and private (high back) modular collections comprised of quarter-round wedge, 45-degree corner, and three sizes of straight units
  • Public units stand 31-1/2″ tall, or 41-1/2″ with headrest. Private units stand 41-1/2″ tall, or 51-1/2″ with headrest
  • Accessorize with a shelf, rotating tablet or power outlets
  • Accompanying lounge collection, pull-up table and bar stool available

Creator Soft Seating

by MooreCo

Creator lounge seating creates a multitude of spaces for establishing privacy, collaboration or relaxation.

Coordinating pieces configure as circular or straight arrangements. Available in six complementary shapes with fun wavy edges: Chevron, Half Round, Rectangle, Square, Trapezoid, and Triangle.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Twelve year limited warrant on seating and five years for table versions
  • Prop 65 and CAL 117-2013 compliant. 400 lb. capacity
  • Electrical options available at an upcharge

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