Series One Room Kits

by Lenovo

Series One Room Kits are hardware kits that include all the components necessary to quickly and easily create a modern collaborative classroom. Each kit includes a compute system plus a combination of up to six other components—which vary by room size. Choose from three purpose-built options including small, medium, or large room. Ideal for use with the Google Meets platform, Series One is the most convenient “in a box” solution on the market!

  • Components include a smart camera, a remote control or touch controller, up to two mic pods, and a smart audio bar
  • Tailored for three room sizes: Small, Medium & Large
  • Easy and cost-effective to install
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to join meetings and share content
  • Available in two colors: Chalk & Charcoal
  • Innovative and attractive hardware components to enable modern workplace collaboration
Lenovo Series One Kit