ELB Motorized, Height-Adjustable Mobile Lift

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ELB’s motorized, height-adjustable mobile lift is the perfect complement to your LED display, interactive panel, TV, or digital monitor. Designed for elementary, higher education, administrative  or corporate use, it can quickly and easily move within a space or between rooms. With its small footprint and fitted braking castors, it represents a safe and convenient solutions for any flexible workspace or learning environment.

  • Highly durable, motorized lift with height-adjustable capabilities
  • Compatible with any 43″-86″ display, TV, or interactive panel
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Sleek, modern design for classrooms, offices, or meeting spaces
  • Enable whole-class instruction
  • Safely and easily moves to any space
  • 220lbs load
  • 3 year warranty