ELB Motorized, Height- Adjustable Tilt Mobile Lift

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ELB’s motorized, height-adjustable tilt lift helps you maximize the capabilities of your interactive panel or digital display. Designed for preschool, elementary, and special education environments, you can raise it up, lower it down, or tilt into a fully interactive table. With its solid steel frame, small footprint and fitted braking castors, it represents a safe, fun, and highly flexible solutions for any learning space!

  • Motorized, mobile-tilt light with height-adjustable capabilities
  • Full 90 degree tilt
  • Compatible with any 55″ to 75″ interactive flat panel or display
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Enable whole class instruction when vertical and student collaboration with in table mode
  • Lowest table mode position is just 25″ off the ground
  • 3 year warranty