Labdisc Portable Stem Lab

by Boxlight

With the Labdisc Portable STEM Lab, it’s easy to incorporate inquiry-based science in daily learning. The wireless, compact device offers up to 15 built-in sensors and fits in the palm of a student’s hand. With four varieties to choose from, including Gensci, Biochem, Enviro, and Physio, it takes inquiry-based learning to a new level!

  • All-in-one, complete lab in the palm of your hand
  • Next generation wireless technology
  • Autonomic for indoor and outdoor science
  • Zero setup time, with automatic sensor testing and calibration
  • Over 150 hours of battery life
  • Interactive multi-disciplinary experiment books for K-12
  • Seamlessly integrates with latest technologies in the digital classroom

Mimio MyBot Robotics System

by Boxlight

Mimio MyBot is an innovative platform to launch robotics in the classroom that removes common obstacles so robotics and coding can be taught simply and easily. It bridges the gap between learning about robotics in the classroom and the application of robotics in the real world. Allow students to explore and learn freely and ignite a passion with this unique robotics system.

  • Helps students develop core skills in programming, engineering, and robotics
  • Wi-Fi enabled Fusion™ robotic controller does not require any special software or cables
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Transition from a simple drag-and-drop environment to a powerful coding environment as skills develop
  • Pre-loaded with a range of educational content
mimio mybot

Robo 3D Printer

by Boxlight

The Robo 3D Printer is built specifically for education and can easily, safely, and effectively bring 3D printing to your school. From enhancing engineering design to supplementing core classes, these printers can inspire and prepare your students for a multitude of 21st century careers.

  • Ideal for use in classrooms, makerspaces, and libraries
  • Turn-key, ready to use right out of the box
  • Fully enclosed printer with HEPA filter for safety
  • Wi-Fi + Hot Spot enabled for Chromebook and iPad compatibility

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