Media Centers and Libraries

Media Centers and Libraries Stellar  Stool Collection by ELB Add an element of style and sophistication to any learning space with ELB’s Stellar Stool Collection. Designed for schools, with flexibility, durability, and functionality in mind, Stargazer and Cometa stools offer superior comfort and multiple customization options to leave your spaces looking modern and engaging. Perfect…

Tall Storage Cart

Tall Storage Cart

Tall Storage Cart by Haskell The Tall Storage Cart allows educators to organize, store and distribute learning materials or maker manipulatives. The integrated whiteboard back expands the functionality of this unit, making it the perfect storage solution for any learning and working environment. Available with tote bins or fixed open shelves

Maker Table

Maker Table

Maker Table by Haskell Maker Tables are as unique as the school cultures they represent and require flexible and configurable solutions for working, exploring and discovering. The Explorer Maker Table by Haskell has been designed to meet the demanding needs of these creative environments. Easily configurable Fits up to 6 people

arcadia worksmith easel

Arcadia Worksmith and Flirt Divider Screens

Worksmith and Flirt Divider Screens by Arcadia Support brainstorming, group collaboration, or social distancing with the Worksmith Easel and Flirt Divider Screen collections. Ideal for creating smaller learning spaces, these innovative mobile screens can be moved as needed and used for teaching, planning, or defining a privacy area. They can also double as a protective…

Reception Areas, Lobbies, and Open Access Spaces

Reception Areas, Lobbies, and Open Access Spaces Co-op Collection by Arcadia The Co-op Collection is perfect for individual, semi-private or group collaboration sessions virtually anywhere in the school. Create smaller learning spaces without the added cost or effort of building construction. With multiple design options to choose from, including a canopy that instantly creates a…

Nureva HDL 300

Nureva HDL Series

Why Nureva Audio Behind every Nureva audio system is Microphone Mist technology. It leaps past beamforming systems, filling a space with thousands of virtual microphones so you never have to worry about your voice not being picked up. Advanced Audio People can be heard anywhere in the room, so it’s easy to stay distanced without…