Flexible classroom and administrative furniture

Learning Made Engaging Agile Safe Interactive Integrated

ELB provides innovative solutions to create engaging, agile, safe, interactive, and integrated learning environments

With our quality personal technology devices, flexible furniture, collaborative touch technology, campus monitoring and safety solutions, and integrated AV solutions, we make collaborative learning spaces E.A.S.I.I.

Modern, Flexible Learning Spaces


Today’s students are active. Today’s classrooms are flexible. Meeting the needs of all students is key.  

Flexible classrooms light the fire of enthusiasm in students and help facilitate all learning modes. With flexible furniture, students can move around freely, work openly and collaboratively, and foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

ELB offers the very best in school, office, and administrative furniture from today’s top manufacturers. Our experienced in-house classroom design team can work with you to upgrade, transform, or fit-out any learning space. Why not start your flexible journey today?

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